Soil improver
BIOSOIL® is an OMRI registered product that contains as active ingredient saponins of vegetable origin, which are natural stimulants for plant growth, as they reduce plant stress caused by heat, cold, absence or excess of moisture, or a compacted soil, with inadequate pH or high salt content.

The saponins of the Yucca schidigera are natural surfactants, their use allows better penetration of water and air, modifying the structure of the soil and therefore provides better physical conditions for plants.
BIOSOIL® is a soil improver that, being a natural surfactant, allows better penetration of water and air, modifying the soil structure and thus providing better physical conditions for plants. In addition, it stimulates the development of microorganisms in the soil, which increases the decomposition of organic matter and the formation of humus, resulting in the plant having more water and nutrients available and, consequently, more vigorous roots with better growth.

BIOSOIL® also has the ability to reduce the surface tension of water, allowing moisture to penetrate homogeneously and more quickly, which together with its action to improve the physical conditions of the soil, causes surface salts to leach easily, leading to better root development and healthier plant growth.

BIOSOIL® is not a fertilizer, it is not a herbicide or pesticide, it is a soil condition improver and plant growth stimulator, which due to its natural origin components, is not toxic to the soil or plants, is biodegradable, does not pollute, is environmentally friendly and helps you achieve better harvests.