Natural ingredient for fish and shrimp feed production
It is a 100% natural ingredient made from the Yucca schidigera plant, included in the premix of fish and shrimp feeds, helping to control and reduce ammonia and other gases control and reduce ammonia and other gases that affect the health of production ponds.

Our products are elaborated under quality and safety standards such as HACCP such as HACCP, ISO 22000:2018 and GMP+B2 and B3 , offering our customers a product of the highest quality and safety standards . product stable and safe product, with the support of having full traceability of the production process.
Our Yucca schidigera products have the ability to bind and neutralize ammonia, converting it into a non toxic nitrogenous compound, which is why their use in aquaculture systems helps to restore normal environmental conditions.

When a culture system falls into imbalance, the plankton population decreases, the ammonia is increases to toxic levels and dissolved oxygen also drops to lower levels, bringing as a consequence, feeding and growth is reduced and the degree of mortality is reduced. is and the degree of mortality suddenly increases as a result of this crisis.

The most critical factors for shrimp survival are the concentration of ammonia y dissolved oxygen, so the main focus should be on reducing the concentration of ammonia and dissolved oxygen. from ammonia levels in order to increase shrimp survival.

Our products based on Yucca schidigera, both powder and liquid, act by fixing the ammonia molecules ammonia molecules by transforming them into other nitrogenous compounds that do not affect the shrimp and which are used by zooplankton and phytoplankton as a source of nitrogen for source of nitrogen for their development, it also improves the quality of the water in the ponds and favors the cleaning of the cleanliness of the ponds, by accelerating the digestion of the organic matter of the excreta.