Yucca schidigera
There are 49 plant species and 24 sub-species of the genus Yucca, which are distributed from the Northern United States to Central America.
The Yucca schidigera is a plant endemic to North America, its distribution extends from Southwestern United States in Nevada, Arizona and California to the desert of Baja California in Mexico, however, due to U.S. environmental restrictions and regulations, Yucca schidigera, can only be harvested in Baja California, Mexico.
Yucca schidigera grows to a height of 4 to 5 meters (13 to 17 feet) in an approximate period of 30 years or more. Its leaves measure from 30-105 cm (11 to 41 inches) long by 3-5 cm (1 to 2 inches) wide and are yellowish green Their flowers are globose, white or creamy and commonly dyed purple at the base.
Sustainable Harvesting
Our suppliers of Yucca schidigera plants are various community farms (co-ops) that provide us with the raw material harvested from the wild population found on their own properties and ranches.
In order for these community farms to be able to sell us Yucca schidigera raw material, we must first conduct a technical forestry study to establish a sustainable management plan of this natural resource. These studies determine the annual volume and the area that can be harvested and we then establish strict 15 year sustainable harvesting plans to harvest this natural resource.
This plan is submitted to SEMARNAT (Secretariat of the environment and natural resources) and this government agency authorizes harvesting permits and issues forestry guidelines that must accompany each delivery of Yucca schidigera stems which are delivered to the processing plant.
Harvesting of Yucca schidigera is supervised by our in-house forestry technicians, who determine the selected area for harvesting and instruct workers to ensure that all the harvested plants adhere to the authorized harvesting guidelines.
Once the appropriate harvesting studies are completed and the harvesting permits are granted by SEMARNAT, a processing program is completed according to our requirements of raw material for our yearly production needs.
At the end of the harvesting cycle, PROFEPA (Federal Environmental Protection Agency) conducts an inspection of the harvested areas, as well as our production plant and facilities to verify that the processed volumes are the same as those authorized by SEMARNAT in accordance with the permits.
Common Uses
Today, the extract from this plant, is used as a natural remedies, as a natural foaming and flavoring agent in the food and beverage industry, it is also used prominently as an ingredient in feedstuffs, in the poultry, swine, ruminants and other animal industries, in aquaculture species, as well as the pet food industry. Additionally, it is utilized as a surfactant agent for the treatment of grain, soil conditioner and growth promoter in the agriculture industry. It is also used for the treatment of wastewater in the reduction of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and noxious odors.
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