University Research
Baja Agro International has within its research & development programs the ability to form alliances and links with education and research institutions as well as with producers to make field tests that validate the effects of the products that we have or to validate new products.
Some of the more recent projects are the following:
Effects of steroidal saponins in Yucca schidigera (BIOPOWDER®) in protein synthesis of tissues in young pigs. Texas A&M University in United States.
Effects of different levels of Yucca schidigera (BIOPOWDER®) as an ingredient in chicken feed. Shandong University in China.
Effect of increasing levels of Yucca schidigera (BIOPETS®) in the rations of dog food with different levels of protein. Federal University of Lavras in Brazil.
Assessment of BIOAQUA® P in the behavior of the quality of the water and the growth of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) under conditions of commercial cultivation. Postgraduate College Veracruz, Mexico Campus.
Evaluation of the effects of BIOAQUA® P in shrimp farming from production of larvae to harvest on commercial terms. DICTUS University. Sonora, Mexico.
Biochemical evaluation of BIOAQUA® P (extract de Yucca schidigera) in white shrimp (Litopeneaus vannamei) on a commercial level. ITSON, CD. Obregón, Sonora, Mexico.
Evaluation of the effect of the BIOSOIL® product as a soil conditioner and yield enhancer in tomatos. University of Puebla, Teziutlan, Puebla campus.
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