At Baja Agro International we have always placed emphasis on the research of our products as well as in the development of new products and new applications. We are committed to the continuous development of technology that allows us to offer Yucca schidigera products with higher and more consistent quality than any other product on the market, likewise, we always strive to be at the forefront of biotechnological advances without disturbing the delicate balance of nature and the environment.
The R&D Department maintains a continuous search for new releases of products made with Yucca schidigera with scientific support and we maintain constant communication with our production department to support any opportunity to continuously improve the production processes as well as products.
We simultaneously, develop research on new formulations or new applications of our products and the experiments which are carried out in our laboratory.
This area also has the responsibility to design and document quality and safety management systems as well as organic systems in such a way that it complies with all the standards in which we are certified or plan to be certify in.
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