One of the main effects of Yucca extract when it is administered in the diets of ruminants is the reduction of the levels of ammonia in the rumen. Saponins have the ability to inhibit the activity of ruminal protozoa. Free ammonia is produced in the rumen due to degradation of protein from feed, not converted to urea nitrogenous fractions by the microorganisms of the rumen.
Our product added to ruminant feed, increases the availability of nitrogen for the rumen microbes and therefore, increases the synthesis of microbial protein, improving digestion in the lower intestine and optimizes the levels of ammonia, reducing the metabolic process of detoxification of urea-ammonia which is carried out in the liver.
On the other hand, the use of our products in feed increases the assurance of urea supplementation reducing the possibility of ammonia toxicity. In addition, it increases the nutritional value of urea, reducing the loss of nitrogen in normal excretory mechanisms.
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