Dogs, cats and other pets are generally omnivorous animals. Their diet is extremely varied and rich in proteins and amino acids; so their excrement generates volatile nitrogenous compounds that produce unpleasant odors. Some major odor components are ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.
The production of odors is a natural process in the digestive mechanism of pets. However, it is now possible to modify the process diminishing the production of odors, through supplementation in their food products such as BIOPETS® which is 100% natural and made from the Yucca schidigera plant.
The action of BIOPETS® in pets is integral, since it helps to reduce odors in excrement, enhances digestion of food as well as increases absorption of the nutrients from the food, thereby increasing the animal’s general health. BIOPETS® biochemical compounds bind and neutralize the components of the odor that occur in the intestinal tract and in the excrement.
BIOPETS® when added to pet food is the best natural alternative to reduce the levels of offensive odors, improving the environment that surrounds the pet and their owners.
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