The productivity in cultivation of shrimp and fish is seriously affected by various physical, chemical and biological factors, such as: diseases, contents of dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature and high content of ammonia, among other factors.
Nitrogen is an essential element in the cultivation of shrimp and fish, because it is necessary for the development of phytoplankton and in addition, is the basis in the biosynthesis of protein per animal. However, certain nitrogen compounds such as ammonia, cause a detrimental effect on crustaceans and fish. This compound is generated from the microbial degradation of organic matter in the culture ponds, derived from excreta and wasted food.
High levels of ammonia, cause an imbalance in the quality of the water of the ponds, causing stress on organisms, and predisposes them to disease and decay in the consumption of food; Thus, reducing its growth rate and increasing their mortality, direct consequences in a significant drop in production.
Our Yucca schidigera products have the ability to bind and neutralize ammonia, converting it into a non-toxic nitrogenous compound, so that it’s use in aquaculture systems help restore the normal environmental conditions.
By applying the extract directly into the feed of shrimp and fish, reduces one of the major factors causing environmental imbalance and stress of organisms; so the growth rate and feed efficiency are increased. With this, the mortality is decreased significantly and productive parameters increase for the benefit of the producer.
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