Supporting the practice of sports.

04 November 2022

For years we had the vision of promoting sport events in the rural community where our collaborators and their families reside, and also in the urban area where our administrative offices are located. We are aware of how important these activities are within society for the healthy development of present and future generations.

Throughout this time, the company has combined various events of this nature, providing support for those who enjoy sports activities. Within these events we can mention the sponsorship of football teams in various categories in which our employees participate, in addition to sponsoring special teams from the community with their families and an annual internal baseball match.

We are proud to have a football tournament organized and sponsored entirely by the company, which takes place in the rural community where our production plant is located. Teams from the community participate in the Baja Agro International Football League, which day after day creates a healthy, familiar and exciting atmosphere.

Additional sponsorships are carried out for other sporting events that take place in the area, such as the local baseball tournaments, volleyball tournaments, among others, where trophies and equipment necessary for these important events to take place are provided. We are aware of the positive impact that sports activities have on the community for physical, mental and emotional health, perhaps even more important for the children who live here.

Baja Agro International SA de CV puts its efforts in this type of events that benefit us all equally.