Congress of Phytosanitary and Nutrition in Vegetables

18 April 2024

We are pleased to share with you a brief summary of the successful event that we recently attended as exhibitors, the Congress of Phytosanitary and Nutrition in Vegetables organized by CAPACIAGRO in the city of Puebla on April 11 and 12, 2024.


During the congress, we presented our BIOSOIL® brand to interested attendees. The response was extremely positive, with some producers already familiar with our product and open to additional information.


In addition, our advisor, M. C. Jorge Camacho, offered the conference "Use of soil and mineral improvers for a stronger immune system in crops", in which he explained how the use of BIOSOIL® in synergy with other products such as microorganisms and Seaweed can raise the rate of photosynthesis and improve crop nutrition.


We are very grateful to the organizers, attendees, and colleagues at the other stands for their kindness and receptivity, which contributed to creating a harmonious educational and professional environment.


These efforts are part of our mission to bring information about our brand to increasingly distant areas. We remain committed to providing quality products and innovative solutions to improve agriculture and the environment.