OPF CdMx 2023

12 September 2023

Recently, we had the privilege of participating in the prestigious OPF (Ornamental Plants and Flowers) Mexico 2023 event, an exclusive fair that brought together the most prominent experts in horticulture, landscaping and floral design. During September 12, 13 and 14, 2023, at the Citibanamex center in Mexico City.


During this unforgettable experience, we had the honor of sharing information with attendees about how BIOSOIL® can make a difference in the world of gardening and ornamental flower production. Since the surfactant action of BIOSOIL® allows better use of moisture, promotes the bioavailability of nutrients, facilitates the dispersion of nutrient solutions and foliar treatments, promoting gardens and ornamental crops to flourish with magnificence.


The large influx of participants gave us a unique insight into current and future trends in the ornamental plants and flowers market in the region. We are proud to report that more and more Latin American countries show growing interest and demand for these Mexican products.


This effervescent demand and the enthusiasm we have perceived only make us think about the immense opportunities that are opening up in the region. We are eager to witness the commercial alliances that are forged and, above all, to bring our products closer to an even greater number of potential customers, who, without a doubt, by incorporating BIOSOIL® into their irrigation program will position themselves at the pinnacle of success of this flourishing market.