AgroBaja 2023

29 May 2023

AgroBaja is the most anticipated event in the Baja California agricultural industry. Thousands of professionals and specialists from the region come together to see the latest technologies, products and trends in the sector.

As exhibitors, we have the opportunity to highlight our product BIOSOIL®, expand our contact networks, as well as obtain knowledge of innovation and development of specific areas, including inputs for agricultural production, crop technologies, irrigation system, machinery and equipment, among others.

In the case of soils for agricultural use in northwestern Mexico, BIOSOIL® can be a helpful tool for the recovery of productive capacity. Its properties as a surfactant promote a better use of water, increasing the osmotic potential of solutions applied to the soil. At the same time that its flocculant effect improves the physical conditions of compact or poorly drained soils, so that crops can fully reach their productive potential.

In degraded soils, moisture permeability is reduced, organic matter is mineralized and nutrients are lost due to different factors. With the application of BIOSOIL®, the biochemical environment of the soil-substrate is improved, which translates into a better use of nutrients and reducing losses due to leaching or volatilization.