Potato Phytosanitary and Nutrition Congress

04 November 2022

The first Potato Phytosanitary and Nutrition Congress hosted by CAPACIAGRO and held in the city of Los Mochis, SIN. brought together various representatives of the most important companies in the region, to listen to the conferences of specialists who, for the duration of two days, shared experiences and tips to overcome current challenges and improve the productivity of their crops.

The conferences included topics such as the control of cucurbit beetle, bedbugs, worm complex (cotton bollworm, fruitworm and fall armyworm), soft rot, scab, fusarium, evaluation of the efficiency of fertilization programs and bioregulation (hormones, amino acids), among others. 

It also was an excellent opportunity to work together with our regional representatives AGRO VIDA VERDE in promoting the benefits that BIOSOIL® can bring to tuber crops, among which the most important we find improvement of the physical structure of the soil, greater bioavailability of nutrients and as an auxiliary in the inhibition of pests and diseases.